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Issue One


Mary Grace van der Kroef

in the lonely space
in the disconnect
hope still lives
lines despair with net

holding weight
spread out in helplessness
a life
awash in discontent

knots and fibres chafe
leaving marks on weary flesh
reminding lonely one
of choices still left

hold to splintered hope
or slip beyond the net
to void that can not chafe
gentle emptiness

easy, let go
harder to grip fast
facing scars that come
along with the connect

feeling bite that binds
soul to living world
realizing pain
a lifeline to our earth

Biography: Mary Grace van der Kroef is a poet, writer, and artist from Ontario, Canada. She enjoys her coffee with a pinch of poetry, and alongside good friends. As a mental health warrior, she writes to uplift, encourage and shine a light in dark places. She is the author of “The Branch that I Am” poetry collection, and has been published by various magazines, such as Fahmidan Journal, and Calla Press. You can enjoy reading more of her work at


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